Warrior Women of the Sea Conference

UBC Boathouse – Richmond, BC

June 3rd, 2017 from 9am – 3pm 

The ocean is the place you go to find solace, find peace and be one with everything. The ocean is your church. And, only other water women truly get this relationship. You’re searching for more! More meaning to life, more adventure, more passion, deeper relationships and opportunities to contribute and give back, all while having FUN!

A Warrior Woman of the Sea is that! She is a committed, adventurous, deeply passionate woman who has been put on this earth with a purpose.

Warrior Women of the Sea Conferences™ are about bringing these amazing, strong, creative women together, digging deeper into themselves, learning from others and creating community! A community of women who have had enough of the status quo and are ready to change the world, all while laughing, dancing, celebrating and creating! Come join us on Saturday, June 3, 2107 in Richmond, BC at the UBC Boathouse for a conference that not only will inspire you to live life bigger, more deeply, and more connected but will have you go home full of purpose and opportunities to truly make a difference in the world.

Seating is very limited: we’ve started these conferences small to keep them intimate and make sure we are listening to YOU! Our speakers and trainers are committed to having fun and celebrating the wonderful and powerful energy that is feminine through movement, voice and connection. So, come be a part of this growing international community of women and learn more about how you can travel the world saving our oceans or attend one of our destination retreats. Come learn more about surfing, sailing, scuba diving, kiteboarding, kayaking or being a mermaid! Find opportunities to join other women and host beach cleanups, dig water wells in 3rd world countries or plant new coral reefs and maybe even count fish for a research project.

We would also like to acknowledge, give respect and gratitude for the opportunity to host our event on Musqueam Territory. 

Come connect with other Salty Sisters and let’s build on this wave of change. What are you waiting for? LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD!

Speaker Bios

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER– Sarika Cullis-Suzuki – currently a visiting scientist at Ocean Networks Canada in Victoria, BC. Where she also continues to do environmentally-themed work in media.
  • Shannon Rae– Capitan of Geminis Dream Team (An all women’s sailing crew getting ready to race the Vic-Maui race in 2018)
  • Susan R. Eaton – Geoscientist/ Journalist/ Conservationist
  • Julie Salisbury–  Publisher/Author/Adventurer 
  • Speakers Panel 
    • Emma Langson– Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada
    • Chloe Dubois– Ocean Legacy Foundation
    • Susan Waters – Sea Shepard Vancouver Chapter
  • Jessica Winkler– Pro Kiteboarder and Warrior Trainer
  • Saoirse Wang– Agent of Magic & Light and Warrior Trainer
  • Kelli Sroka– Environmental Activist and Warrior Trainer
  • Karen Wilson – Higher Purpose Mentor, Creative Catalyst, Singer Songwriter- Keynote Speaker