Water & Spirituality, In Connection to You. 

I’ve always had a fascination with water. From what I’ve been told, this has been the case since I was an infant. It’s like the water is drawing me in, pulling me towards it in a way that, if I don’t interact with it often enough, it negatively impacts my daily life.
Any kind of natural water will do; fresh water, salt water, rivers and lakes, but the one that pulls me hardest is the ocean. There is something about the air, the sand, the salt and the sea life, that just resonates and speaks to me on an almost molecular level. I can feel my blood pressure drop and my heart rate slow. I can immediately breathe deeper and the day’s stresses lessen. I am liter- ally changed, physically and energetically, as a result of being around it.

I’ve said many, many times over my life that being in, on, or around water is like breathing for me. That if you took it away, I would cease to exist, who I am would be irreparably damaged and diminished by not having it in my life. Seeing this, as I write it, seems like rather an extreme statement but yet I know that for me it is 100% true.

I had a friend for many years that I would spend as much of my weekend days as possible with, at the beach of course. We used to joke, especially on Sun- days, how the beach and the ocean was our church. It was the way that we connected to what was important for us; how we found our spiritual center, how we found our personal peace and how we found us. It was a place where we could slow down, check in and be introspective and get real with ourselves. I was thinking about this a while ago and I realized that the vast majority of the major “aha” moments in my life occurred when I was in or on the ocean. Once I realized this, my ability to tap in and connect with the waterways on the planet and all of the life in them substantially increased and my ability to feel connected from anywhere exponentially changed! My willingness to acknowledge what was true for me in relation to the ocean (and water) changed my life and made so many things easier.

I wonder where that place is for you? Is water a con- duit for you finding your spiritual peace? For finding you? Is it on a surfboard (like many of mine) or in a kayak on a lake or river, maybe it’s a canoe or on a waterski. I wonder how much more of the universe would be made available if you consciously acknowl- edged what it does for you? Would you be willing to acknowledge it and allow to contribute even more dynamically to you and your life?

There are so many things I have to say and share on this topic but I’m out of space! Check back for future articles and posts on BarnacleBabes.com where I explore this more and share tips and tools for connect- ing on even deeper levels!

By Kim Malama Lucien