And so she is! The ocean.

She is you, she is me, and she is part of us.

She is the mother, the sister.

She teaches, she soothes, she punishes but she protects.

She lifts, she builds and she breaks. She heals, she loves!

Barnacle Babe women are healers, risk takers, believers and dreamers.

They are mothers, daughters, fighters, survivors, educators, and doers!

Barnacle Babes is a journey into their passions, their fights, their callings and their love!

Come join this magically, purposeful,  educational and actionable web series, magazine and community, that will prove to you what is possible, how it’s possible and how we can come together to make a difference in the world and work together as Warrior Women of the Sea! To heal our planet. Beginning with our oceans.

Tell us, what would you like to see?

~Jodi Mossop