Slogan 2: Maintain a joyful mind and rejoice in the smallest blessings.

Personally, I’ve had a difficult upbringing with an absent family. At times, I even found myself homeless and hungry at very young age and would find joy in simply having a pillow to lay my head upon for the night. None of my friends or teachers knew of my struggles and I was often made fun of for being “too happy”. What this taught me in life was to take in and appreciate the exquisite details and beauty of the earth and humanity.

In 2007 I hiked the Inca Trail which, if you have had the opportunity to do this, you will know it’s an incredible experience! One of my most treasured photos from the trip was this tiny leaf smaller than my fingernail uncurling in the morning fog. I remember getting down on my stomach to take a picture of it whilst everyone on the trail had to step over me hurrying down the path to watch the clouds part to reveal Macchu Piccu. Not to discredit the magic of watching that unveiling, but the intimate moment I had with the leaf was a moment only I experienced and it lives in me forever.

How to notice the small things in day to day life: The secret is to be fully connected to the moment.

When the traffic light turns red, instead of getting angry, rejoice in the few moments it gives you to connect with yourself, or the people crossing in front of you. Perhaps the extra few minutes of hearing the radio – which could spark an important thought or memory. Every moment in life is a blessing. None of these moments are for nothing and I believe that there is a reason to each and every experience in your time here on earth, so don’t miss them. Your life can change in one instant; anyone who has experienced a tragedy can understand this. Remember that extraordinarily good things can happen in just one moment so PAY ATTENTION!

Let’s start a discussion: When did just one moment change your life? how? & why?

Make a list of the small things in your life that you are blessed to have. The fact you have a computer or phone to read this article on makes you richer than a majority of the population. If you have parents or family who loves you, you have more to be thankful for than you can even imagine. If you have a fridge with food in it, you have more than so many other people have. Stop taking your life for granted. Slow down. Put your energy into being thankful for the roof over your head, the car you drive, the friends you have and remember happiness comes in a way we hardly ever notice.

I hope you have enjoyed Part 2 of your Warrior Training. 

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See you next time,

Jessica Winkler, Pro-Kitesurfer


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