Slogan 1: Experiences may seem solid, they are passing memories

This is one of the most important things to understand. No matter how terrible the moment is that you are in, it will soon be only a memory. Ultimately you have the power to decide how you remember the moment as it lives in your head. Each person involved in the moment will have their own version and no two memories will be the same.

Ways to get through the moment: Let the story line go and connect with the underlying energy.

We as humans have the power to slow down our perception of time. (For further information on this click here) Let me explain: In my sport of kitesurfing there are moments where I’ve encountered potentially dangerous situations. The first time something went wrong, I panicked and the entire event was a blur to me. The second time something bad happened, I was able to see the situation a little more clearly and rectify the problem. Now years later, when an accident happens, my brain literally slows things down and I can see each step of the problem in a moment and fix the problem before it even finishes. Now, imagine being able to do this with a traumatic event in your life. We can train our minds to shift from the rapid response of escaping into our habitual reactions, and reprogram them to just sit with the emotion; see the energy coming from the emotion and not act out. Breath the emotion into your heart and compassionately recognize what is going on. Relax into the present moment even if what’s happening will hurt.

Most of us have a fear of pain. I’ve always liked to confront people’s fears with this simple but very difficult question: What is the worst that can happen? Analyze the fear and write down a list of the worst things that can come of you sitting with your pain. Many times when we do this we confront the fear and it dissipates. Pain is uncomfortable but this is the place where a warrior gains wisdom.

I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of your Warrior Goddess Training.

See you next time,


Jessica Winkler, Pro-Kitesurfer