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We have a proposition. This year, instead of making resolutions, let’s make intentions. Manifestations. Let’s focus on graceful, detached actions that make us feel good, not sub-par.
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Swinging from giant trees, sleeping with wild wolves, talking to animals and living in the jungle: who did NOT want to be Mowgli when growing up? As you grow older, it becomes painfully clear this paradise only exists in childhood fantasies, not in our current everyday world. Or does it?
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Whilst suffering from another ‘regular’ surf injury, this time a few broken ribs due to a very unpredictable gnarly shore break, it seems like the perfect moment to assess the particular topic of Swimmers Ear.
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Our Philosophy

At Barnacle Babes, we aim to be interactive, engaging, proactive, purposeful, actionable and supportive to all women, their families, their ocean cause and sport.

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