My love, how I smile when I think of our journey.

These many years together I have loved you, hated you, needed you and failed you. Countless times I put you behind everyone else; choosing work, dating, money and responsibilities above you. Draining you, avoiding you, cutting you down and pushing you into a box that’s far too small. For so long I thought you were ugly, thin, goofy and strange. I kept trying to change you into something I thought people would like – but all that did was make you rigid and resentful. I was wrong.

I’m sorry my sweet, for not seeing your unique beauty under that awkward smile. I’m sorry it took me so long to recognize the incredible glow that shines from within you when you’re feeling appreciated and cared for. You have been so strong through all we have experienced; it’s hard to believe we have fit so much into these years but somehow you managed to shine bright through every step. Something I forget to do from time to time… I cherish the moments of clarity when I can hear you and feel your inner peace. A deep breath and we are united in a tranquil state, where nothing matters but our love for each other and for this exciting and abundant life.

I promise to listen more.
I promise to accept you.
I promise to speak to you with care and kindness.
I promise to always put you and your health first.
I promise to take more baths, dance, eat healthy and laugh.

I promise never to choose a relationship that will cause you harm or lessen you in any way, you deserve to shine my love.

I will always love you, more and more every day.

To my love. My self.

Ashleigh Magill, Barnacle Babe, Sea Star.