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Ep 3 - Laura Griffith-Cochrane

Ep. 3 Laura Griffith-Cochrane, the Ucluelet Aquarium Curator talks about how everything is connected and how we don’t know all that we think we know. And, how women are dominating Marine Biology!


Producer: Jodi Mossop

Director: Peter Helm

Editor: Peter Helm Production

Assistants: Penny Krebs, Ashleigh Magill, Nicole McSeveney

Contributors: Laura Griffith-Cochrane, Daniel Knappett, Chris Flynn of Flynn Media Productions

"There's an endless amount that we don't know and we don't even know what we don't know at this point. It's just such a huge force in our day to day lives and we don't even realise the magnitude that the ocean effects our lives."

~ Laura Griffith-Cochrane

"It's kinda all of it!"

I think it’s really hard to nail down , what I find the most fascinating, it’s kinda all of it? It’s that it’s so complex and interconnected, so, if every time you start to focus in on one thing, it becomes more and more complex, if you start looking at kelp growth then you start looking at currents and then you start looking at the nutrients in the currents and then what else is eating those things and what’s living on the kelp and then what’s coming in to eat the things that live on the kelp and i think that it keeps you very humble, you can never think you’re an expert, you’re always learning, there’s always way more that you don’t know than what you think you know, 

I think that because the ocean has a big effect on our lives, being able to create a connection for people and to encourage changes and behaviour or a way that creates a better world for everyone is a really, it’s really inspiring to be a part of that.

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