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Printed With Sugar Sheet™

Our magazines are printed without forests!

As our business continues to find ways to reduce our impact on our planet, the importance of reducing deforestation and greenhouse gas is very important.

Progressive organizations understand the value of sustainability and are now demanding a change to their paper. That’s the inspiration behind Sugar Sheet. Sugar Sheet paper is unlike any other paper. It’s a comprehensive product line of 100% forest-free papers made from waste sugar cane fiber called bagasse. With over 30 coated and uncoated papers to choose from, business and government can begin to immediately preserve trees, reduce greenhouse gas, and save water.

Sugar SheetTM

Copy Paper

Looks, performs, and recycles the same as regular paper:

  •  Made with residue waste of sugar cane
  •  Every 2 boxes saves 1 tree
  •  Elemental Chlorine Free

Elevate Sustainability In Your Home and Business

Sugar SheetTM copy paper is manufactured using the residue waste of sugar cane. Converting to Sugar SheetTM copy paper promotes the preservation of global forests and vital ecosystems.

  •  Measurably reduce deforestation
  •  Measurably minimize harmful CO2 emissions
  •  Measurably reduce water use for the production of paper

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