Our Ocean. Our Healer.

In times of stress, confusion, trauma and spiraling emotions, many of us feel drawn to the ocean.  Whether it’s through an ocean sport, activism or simply by sitting at her side, letting her in; she helps bring a calming clarity back into our vibration.  She grounds us, heals us and recharges us in the most remarkable ways. Some believe it’s a spiritual healing and some consider the science of it – either way, it’s very real and very beneficial.

Sea Water

From your immune system to your skin, the natural healing that comes from salty water is truly remarkable.  A simple swim in the sea can increase your number of red blood cells by up to 20% and white blood cells are increased even more! This is great medicine for those with a weakened immune system, high blood sugar, anemia, and for those with bone and muscle pain, arthritis or circulatory issues. Its magnesium content reduces and eliminates anxiety, and it removes toxins that can attack the lungs; helping you breathe easier. Ingesting a small amount can help cleanse the colon and detoxify the body and also helps with cell regeneration and to fight liver and kidney problems. Seawater is often used to treat dermatitis by rapidly clearing it up and healing it faster.  This also helps increase your skin’s elasticity and overall appearance.

Fresh Air

Charged with negative ions, sea air has an incredible ability to help our bodies absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels that are linked to mood and stress. Sea air can help us sleep better, smile more and feel a sense of calm and joy – just by breathing.  This simple act of conscious breathing is meditative in itself, whether you’re on the water or not, as it helps to bring your consciousness back to your body and to the present moment.  So many of us (myself included) get lost in the past or future, which can overwhelm you with guilt or fear. Focusing on your breath allows you to come back to the here and now, the place we are meant to live.  So breathe, be thankful, and be here.

Brain Waves

Many of us have heard of people using sound frequencies and vibrations to trigger certain parts of our brain to boost human health, this is a practice that has been used for thousands of years and there is a lot of research that backs it up. Listening to the ocean waves will actually alter the wave patterns in your brain, helping you to deeply relax while rejuvenating the mind and body in the process.


Talk about tranquility! Floating on seawater is incredibly peaceful and comforting; especially when I seem to sink everywhere else – metaphorically and physically.  I’ve got a lot of muscle density in my body so naturally, in fresh water, I find myself at the bottom of the lake. And metaphorically, well let’s just say sometimes it’s hard to stay above water. 😉 Thank goodness for the dense, salty ocean to keep me afloat. Floating helps to divert blood from our lower limbs toward our abdominal region and closer to the heart.  This blood brings oxygen to your heart and brain, which will help you to be more alert and active.  Blood flow also helps to heal wounds, injuries and problem areas in your body so be sure to look at other ways to get the blood to flow where you’re in need of it most.

Sun Kisses & Skin Health

Heat from the sun affects our endocrine systems and secretes endorphins, which are the natural chemicals in our body designed to reduce stress and help you relax. Many come to the sea to help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, ulcers and lupus.  Thanks to the small amount of UV rays from the sun, which help to dry and flake off skin, your body is given a fighting chance at healing psoriasis and regenerating healthier skin.


Be sure to hydrate as much as possible while enjoying your ocean healing, that is the one thing this salted beauty won’t do for you. Pack lots of water and some juicy fruits for your next session with Dr. Ocean.

Thanks so much for reading, stay healthy and remember to be kind to her in return.  If you notice some debris or plastic on your walk, be sure to cleanse her of it.