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a membership for women who want to change the world!


Connect with other like minded women through our personally hosted forum. Women who care about the environment, their community and love to travel.


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Warrior Women of the Sea web-series
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Various personal growth courses to help you reach your fullest potential as a Warrior Woman of the Sea.


Every member with get a free digital copy of the Barnacle Babes quarterly magazine and will have options to purchase the printed version. Community members also have opportunities to share their stories with us to be published in the magazine


Receive discounts on BB Store purchases and to BB hosted retreats


This is just the beginning and we’ll ALWAYS be looking for your input to bring you want you’re looking for.


Join an Eco-Masterminding group to find out how you can get involved or come up with ideas in helping to make our oceans and waterways a healthier and safer place for us and her inhabitants


A Database of members, non-profits, charities and businesses, all with the common goal of helping the oceans.

Featured Guests

Join us live as we host Q&A’s with various Guest Speakers of the month.

calendar of events

Barnacle Babe Community events, your events and organizational events, will all be shared on our site to share with other members.

Give Backs

BB will be hosting MEMBERS ONLY give back retreats where we will host remote beach clean ups, plant coral reefs, build wells or help with a restoration project.

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