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We departed Vancouver at 6:30 pm, Friday, September 29, with six women crew on board….light winds…and we headed up in lumpy seas to “Secret Cove”.  Our goal was an “overnight sail”, so we started a watch system right away, with 4 on and 3 off.
The bright moon cast shadows in the cockpit, with dark grey puffs of clouds crossing the bright beams from time to time.  The wind started to die, and with a sigh, the decision of turning on the engine was made by the captain.
The dark water was glassy smooth as we glided to the narrow passage leading to Secret Cove, which it truly was!  Darkly quiet, we nosed up to the dock and tied up…it was after midnight, not quite the overnight we’d planned, however, many times what is planned must be altered due to the wind, weather and waves…either too much or too little…
Sleep was on most of the crew’s mind….and an early departure found us sailing into a light wind to pick up another crew member in Powell River.  A quick stop at the dock past the breakwater, and a crew member with a nice camera jumped on, and we then continued up the coast towards Cortes island!  Captain Shannon had not yet sailed the Malaspina Channel alongside the mainland, with the Discovery Passage mirroring our trip on the island’s coast…and being part of the VanIsle 360, was recently traveled in June by Geminis Dream.
Saturday at midnight, we entered Cortes Bay…there was one other boat at the dock.  We tied up, starboard side…and our boat was warm and dry and full of good food!
The captain had a five day plan, however, three of the crew needed to get back to work – that four letter word that also lets us have the experience we are having now…the five day plan originally setup turned into two days for some and three for others, as they too returned early due to no wind…
Sunday noon saw us slowly make our way out of Cortes bay and then into great wind to practice Man Overboard, at least 12 times, everyone did it twice…it is not easy to keep your eye on something in the water as you turn a 22,000 lb boat around in a circle in 15knots of wind!
We sailed wing-on-wing down Sutil Channel and crossed the bar to Comox as the sun set behind the mountains…heading into Comox marina at dark, same as I did on the 1st leg of the VanIsle 360…and I backed into it then as I am backing in now, in the dark…all things in life come around….
We sat up late talking about boats and travels…and two of the crew were from St. Martin and so many lost everything… I also thought of Jessica whom I met at the Barnacle Babes event “Warrior Women” and how is? How she and everyone else is doing in the Turks & Caicos…
Hopping on a plane in the morning to get to work in 30 minutes…while the rest of the crew made it back in 12 hours…bliss all the way around….as I still need to work to sail…and it’s so worth it!!
* Boat Pics: Secret Cove, BC Canada
* Featured Pic: Nick at the helm on way to Comox


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