Geminis Dream – Yes We Do!

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Life is short and precious, and as a curious Gemini, I have always dreamed of travelling around the world…and somehow knew I would do it on a sailboat. As a lucky and a determined woman who had the good fortune to “just said no” to a rare form of aggressive cancer, I then realized that I had not yet even started to work towards my dream.  When I understood I had been given the gift of a second chance: I talked to my sister, who, as another Gemini wanting to travel…promptly announced she had the same dreams as me, and we then formulated a plan to buy the perfect boat for us!

We narrowed our search to the biggest boat we felt we could handle and dock ourselves, if necessary, and quickly found her, a 1992 Jeanneau 439 Sun Magic, meticulously cared for by owners in the marine industry.


To us, she is gorgeous, with all the amenities we wanted: great hull shape, very workable deck space, 55hp Yanmar diesel engine, Espar heat, dry, clean, with many add-ons…and lastly, a great price as we needed to do a few repairs to the rudder and keel.

We re-finished her keel & rebuilt her rudder, replaced the heads, & will replace some lines…and found an amazing sponsor in Lee Sails for new sails!  Otherwise, there are only cosmetic and safety items to be completed!  We are in love with our boat! We found her a super berth at Milltown Marina in Vancouver and are slowly readying her for offshore.

My sister and I want to share our inner strength, positive thinking, and second chances do whatever we put our minds to. We want to uplift and instill confidence in all who join us on our all-female crew entry in the international 2018 VicMaui yacht race! Along the way, we are entering numerous sailing races that gain us all ocean experience.

We have found five other crewmembers, and by coincidence…four of them are Geminis…we did not plan it, it has just happened, like a lot of our good luck we have had since buying our boat…it has been an amazing journey so far, and we have enjoyed every minute of it, and have met so many great people.

Nicole Speckmaier

In 2017 we will participate in the Southern Straits, Swiftsure, and the VanIsle360 – the pinnacle of sailing on the west coast. If you can “do the VanIsle”, you can sail anywhere in the world

Sailing is a way to feel alive, steering with the wind and to be at one with our boat, to travel the ocean, the place where life began and will continue.

We sail while we respect the ocean’s magical power and strength; we share that magic with each other while sailing with the ocean. That too is our goal…the oceans of the world…being alive and celebrating challenges and success with each other…every day. 


  1. Deb & john

    Geminis Dream – Shannon & Nic – you are true inspirations for everyone! xoxo
    Deb & John s/v Scot Free Eh

  2. Ross Williams

    How Exciting ! and for many of us on land to follow along in this inspiring Dream !

  3. Peter Theeuwen

    What an inspiration to us all! Thank you ladies for sharing your passion(s) and adventure! Good luck to you all 🙂


  4. lorna

    Awesome story. Follow your dreams.

  5. Natalie speckmaier

    To a lifetime of being proud of your many accomplishments, you two Geminis (all four of you!!) continue to take our breath away.
    Your Gemini Mom and Taurus Dad.


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