Dangerous Liaisons
James Dean, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell: every good girl has experienced the irresistible attraction of the bad boy. Mysterious, strong, but with an inexplicable sadness in his eyes, he evokes uncontrollable desires:  a longing to be close, touched, and to understand what goes on inside of him.
Forbidden fruits always taste the sweetest.


And just like a secret high school crush, El Salvador stole my heart. A tiny country in the center of Central America, with the heart of a lion. Mostly known for it’s horrific civil war and notoriously dangerous Mara Salvatrucha gangsters ( better known as the MS-13), it managed to stay off the traveler’s radar for years. Even after the civil war ended, it’s violent reputation remained. However, those willing and daring to look beyond this bad reputation will find beauty beyond their wildest dreams.

With around 10 flawless right-handers along their 150 km long Pacific coastline and bathwater temperatures, this is truly a regular footers paradise. On top of that: because their coastline faces south, you can see a sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset all on the same day. Obviously, this place is never out of God’s sight…

 Venturing inland will lead you past playful waterfalls, volcanic craters, colourful coffee plantations and unexplored forests. Accessible, but raw and untouched by mass tourism.

But, as with any country, it’s the people that make this place special. The generation gap caused by the civil war’s massacre means the current population is extremely young, breathtakingly beautiful and full of life. The remaining older generation is kind and warmhearted, but don’t ever be mistaken: that old lady from the corner store will have an AK under her bed, and she will know how to use it.


Everything they do, is intense: the way they surf, dance, party, talk, fight, drive, drink and love. And they share everything they have, with everyone they love.


Dangerous? Mostly to the heart. Addictive? Only to the soul.

Those willing to look, will truly see and feel the vibrant soul of this place.
And just like the irresistible attraction to the bad boy, this infatuation will never lessen. Ready to fall head over heels?
Until next time, Love Sarah