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Canadian Waste Reduction Week – 7 Days to Reducing Your Waste | Tip 1

Canadian Waste Reduction Week - 7 Days to Reducing Your Waste

Top 10 things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your waste.

Tip 1 – Bring the “TO-GO” coffee cup and personal water bottle! 

It’s easy to forget but making sure before you leave your home in the morning, you have both your reusable coffee cup and your reusable water bottle, diverts an incredible amount of waste to landfills. Approximately 60 million water bottles are land-filled a day! 

They can sometimes be easy to forget and then make the decision to stop at Starbucks and say…”just this one time, I’ll make sure to bring my coffee cup tomorrow”.  Or, I’m really thirsty, I’ll make sure this water bottle gets recycled, it’s enough anymore. 

However, if you make a decision that, if you forget your “To-Go” cup, then you don’t get a coffee, almost guarantees that you won’t forget it next time.

Make a deal with yourself, if you don’t have the cup or personal water bottle, you don’t get the coffee or the water! Easy as that! Just bring the cup. 

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