Close your eyes, and start to follow your breath. Follow it as it fills your entire body, feel the essence of expansion and contraction. You are alive. You can feel it. Every single cell in your body, working syncronistically, allowing you to operate as a human entity. Our bodies are primarily made of water. Water is the first thing NASA looks for when exploring other planets.

But how do we care for our inner oceans?  Are we so programmed by society, by our daily lives, that we fail to give our bodies the proper hydration and love that they deserve? It is said that our inner worlds reflect our outer worlds, or vice versa. Let’s think about that for a moment. Earth has been around for a very long time, and has gone through significant changes on more than one occasion. Humans have not been around for that long (recent studies suggest just over 200,000 years), but have had a significant impact on the planet while we have evolved, and specifically since the industrial revolution took place. Today, we examine the conditions of our waters, as they are our source of life (as well as all of the other plants, animals, creatures, etc).  As we study the current conditions of our oceans, we are finding the outcomes to be quite sad. Over-fishing, pollution, warming temperatures, these things can lead to stagnant oceans and to the collapse of eco-systems.  This is already happening. And as more and more of us awaken to this reality, it affects our inner worlds. We feel sadness. We feel grief. We feel disillusion.

We are human, and we feel compassion. Even if global warming WAS a big sham, we still see wildlife suffering from our ignorance, and any empathetic soul could feel that creature’s pain. Water holds vibration. In a significant way. Studies on cymatics demonstrate the way vibration effects molecular structure. If these waters are damaged, and that makes us feel bad, that is effecting our own vibration. When we are operating from a low frequency, we do not feel capable of doing much to change the given situation or circumstances. While we are not single handedly to blame for the state of the ocean water, we do have full control over our thoughts and our own inner frequency. When we feel bad, we then continue to not care for ourselves properly, and of course that means we cannot extend proper care out to others, or to our planet. All of these systems are closely connected, and when one of these elements suffers, it is then felt throughout the whole.

I often hear the word “sustainable” being used. As if it is some sort of positive terminology. Do we really seek to sustain what it is we are currently co creating? Or are there those of us who believe in healthy change, in better ways of existing?  A way of living that is in alignment with our destiny and with mother earth’s cycles? As Paul Wheaton says “sustainability means just barely staying alive.” Right now, we need to look at a regenerative approach to living, and to healing the earths eco systems as well as our own. Bioremediation offers solutions to cleaning our soil water systems. Plants such as Indian mustard, hemp, sunflowers, and cattails can pull heavy metals and containments out of water sources. Just as we can cleanse ourselves, our human bodies, to remove impurities, heavy metals, contaminates.  As above, so below. If we treat our bodies with a regenerative approach, it then becomes that much easier for us to care for external systems in a more connected, conscious, regenerative manor.

Consciousness and conservation. Two subjects that are very dear to my heart. And after sitting down and really pondering what these both mean to me, I found how closely related they are, how imperative they are to our overall health, happiness, and livelihood, and what true integration of these concepts look like.  In traditional human culture, community always met around water. It was our gathering place. A sacred place.  Because water is sacred.  And our bodies hold ample amounts of water, as does our planet. If we keep these waters clean and full of life and beautiful vibration, we will experience a true shift in consciousness. Next time you find yourself out for a stroll along the sea shore, soaking in sun at a beach on a warm summer afternoon, or kayaking through aggressive ocean waves, take a moment to connect with your breath. Feel it flow through you. We are these waters too. Does your inner world feel vibrant and healthy? How does that project onto your outer world?

Kelli Sroka