Sales Positions (Vancouver & Victoria)

Looking for a couple of individuals who are passionate about ALL THINGS OCEAN RELATED and have a successful track record in building profitable relationships.

Barnacle Babe Productions Inc. is presently looking for 2 sales members; one in the Vancouver, BC Canada area and the other in the Victoria, BC Canada area with sales covering an international market.  This commission based position will help to build the business through ad sales for the web based tv series, digital magazine and website. You can create your own schedule and use what platforms you prefer – as long as you keep us involved and be sure to represent Barnacle Babes in the light that it so beautifully deserves.

Do you want to help build a strong international community of women who share a special relationship with the ocean? Our business model is based on three C’s. Connection.Conservation.Community. Barnacle Babes™ is a weekly web series, publication and outreach of events and interviews featuring and supporting the Warrior Women of the Sea.

If you can see yourself as part of this community and want to contribute to this new movement at the beginning of it, please email for work in the Vancouver area or for work in the Victoria area.

Making waves while building a supportive community!