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Canadian Waste Reduction Week - 7 Days to Reducing Your Waste

Top 10 things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your waste.

Tip 3 – Make your own reusable bag

If you’re not all that creative or like to sew, I get it! You can always purchase bags at your local craft market from someone who is.  The point though is to make sure to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic bags. 

However, if you are someone that like to diy…check out this how to article from Home and Garden:

Christmas is also coming and these can make great presents.

Other great uses and reusable bags are produce bags. I’ve often found very light or mesh fabric pieces from the fabric store and sewn those together and used them for all my fruits and vegetables that need to be placed in a bag for easier weighing. 

Another great diy site for making those can be found here from Wellness Mama


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