Author: Jessica Winkler

Warrior Training: Part 4 – Hurricane Irma

We are going to approach Slogan 1 and its four thoughts. Considering the state of current environmental events, Hurricane Irma and Maria in the Caribbean, earthquakes in Mexico and countless other natural disasters I may not be personally aware of as I write this. I’m sitting in a restaurant looking at the calm ocean in Vancouver, Canada after escaping Turks and Caicos Island between Hurricane Irma and Maria. My family worked tirelessly to find me a flight home so I would be safe and now, as I sit comfortably, enjoying a nice meal, I am brought back to a place...

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Warrior Training: Part 3

Slogan 55. Liberate yourself by examining and analyzing: Know your own mind with honesty and fearlessness. Analyzing our own mind can be a painful process. We often fill our days with so many activities we can barely breathe let alone find the time to think. As a kite surfer when I’m gliding across the crystal clear water in the warm sunlight where I live in Turks and Caicos I feel the quiet connection to my soul. (Ocean loving women often find their “me” time come when they are in or near water.) Personally, I took on a relationship with...

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Warrior Training Part 2

Slogan 2: Maintain a joyful mind and rejoice in the smallest blessings. Personally, I’ve had a difficult upbringing with an absent family. At times, I even found myself homeless and hungry at very young age and would find joy in simply having a pillow to lay my head upon for the night. None of my friends or teachers knew of my struggles and I was often made fun of for being “too happy”. What this taught me in life was to take in and appreciate the exquisite details and beauty of the earth and humanity. In 2007 I hiked...

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Warrior Training: Part 1

Slogan 1: Experiences may seem solid, they are passing memories This is one of the most important things to understand. No matter how terrible the moment is that you are in, it will soon be only a memory. Ultimately you have the power to decide how you remember the moment as it lives in your head. Each person involved in the moment will have their own version and no two memories will be the same. Ways to get through the moment: Let the story line go and connect with the underlying energy. We as humans have the power to...

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