Jodi Mossop

Founder, Producer, Business Manager, Warrior Mermaid Collector

Jodi unites the warriors, partners and supporters through online and in-person connections.  It was her vision that created Barnacle Babes and her passion has fuelled what it is today. Her kindness and communication, paired with a strong business ethic and drive, are what make her second to none for this role.


Founder and CEO of Barnacle Babe Productions Inc. (aka Barnacle Babes), an international magazine, web-series, Warrior Women of the Sea Conferences, and a catalyst of change for human development and ocean conservation, Jodi has been a life-long lover of all things water.  Having been a competitive swimmer for 15 years and a provincial level water polo player, her lack of fear of water then took her to white water and ocean tour kayaking and a continued yearning to continue other ocean/water pursuits into her late 40’s.

Jodi’s love for community, conservation (now a board director for Ocean Plastics Foundation Canada) and a never ending quest for vibing higher, she continues her lifelong pursuit and passion of elevating the human race into a community of givers, lovers and protectors.  A wife and mother of 5 men (all in the 20’s) she appreciates her time with her female friends, especially while playing in some salty water.  

Iveta Lekesova 

 Magazine & Layout Manager and Designer

Iveta is a bright light that shines GREAT! Her artistic talents and ability to focus and get things done has become essential to the continued growth and success of  Barnacle Babes. With out Yf Vy, the magazine would not have continuted!

Bio to come soon…

Lisa Michelman

 East Coast Business Manager

Lisa is as passionate as they get about all things ocean related, particularily in and around the North East Coast of the States. 

Bio to come soon…