Come be a part of something that is about Connection, Community, Conservation and Saving the World!

About Us

Our Story

Established in 2016, Barnacle Babes was created to bring together a community of women who share a passion for the ocean either through their water sport, vocation, conservation effort, play, healing and spiritual connections.  We share our passions to create opportunities to benefit the oceans future, and to support each other in many various ways. We share this through our membership platform, our magazine, our video web-series, speaker series, conferences, Eco-Masterminding sessions, and more…

We cover all ocean connections such as: scuba diving, surfing, wind/kite surfing, sailing, paddling, power-boating, fishing, conservation and protection efforts, stories of healing, events, stories and more. 

We will dive into the “Why’s” for women. What draws women to the water?  What does it mean to be a Warrior Woman of the Sea? How do we explain this incredible connection to water and the ocean? How we can protect her? How can we come together as Salted Warriors and make sure her future (and ours) is secured?

Come be part of something that is about Connection, Conservation, Community and Saving the World!

Why Be A Part Of Barnacle Babes?

Connection | Conservation | Community

A dedicated community of women just like YOU! With many opportunities to come together to DO more, BE more and CREATE more! 

** Photo taken by the amazing Michal Urbanek