Come be a part of something that is about Connection, Community, Conservation and Saving the World!

Community Membership

Connect with other like-minded women who share the same passion for the ocean. Monthly Eco-Masterminding Calls, Special Guest Q&A’s, Book Clubs, Video Library, Warrior Women of the Sea Web Series and more…

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An informative and inspirational digital and print magazine with interviews, stories, conservation efforts and more from many of our community members and community leaders. 

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A web-series that is engaging, purposeful, actionable and supportive. Dedicated to bringing an engaging series showcasing women who are making a difference in their sport, their cause and the lives of others.

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Story About Us

Why we came to be!

Established in 2016, Barnacle Babes was created to bring together a community of women who share a passion for the ocean either through their water sport, vocation, conservation effort, play, healing and spiritual connections.  We share our passions to create opportunities to benefit the oceans future, and to support each other in many various ways. We share this through our membership platform, our magazine, our video web-series, speaker series, conferences, Eco-Masterminding sessions, and more…

The Magazine

Barnacle Babes Magazine is the foundation on which the business has been built. It is our pride and joy. It’s an opportunity for our community members who want to share the story and have it published and read internationally by other like-minded individuals. 

Our print version of the magazine is printed on Sugar Sheet™. No trees have been felled in the making of our magazines. Sugar Sheet paper is made from 100% sugar cane waste and allows us to easily incorporate sustainability with in the production of our magazine. For more information on Sugar Sheet™ click HERE

The Web-Series

The Warrior Women of the Sea Web Series has produced one season but is presently going back into production in the Winter of 2018/2019. You can check out our first 3 episodes below. The rest of the series found on the MEMBERS ONLY site. 

What Our Community Is Saying

  • “ The connection, love and unity created when a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for healing the ocean and our environment come together is beautiful. Barnacle Babes is a source of inspiration, information, hope and celebration for the ocean and for community. It is a blessing to be able to connect with and experience the stories and expertise of those who are working directly with ocean conservation.”

    Laura Jay
    Barnacle Babe
  • “Being involved in the Barnacle Babes community has changed my life, eternally, in such a beautiful way. I have a community of women who are dedicated, passionate, and committed to making big changes. I am deeply grateful for being involved in this project, as it has warmed my heart, given me fresh hope, and a diverse platform which has allowed me to creatively express myself in many ways”.

    Kelli Sroka
    Barnacle Babe Contributor
  • “Being a part of the Barnacle Babes community has changed my life. I have always had a strong warrior spirit that many have spent my life curbing or trying to control. This is the first community that embraces, encourages and utilizes my passion to save the world. It has been so amazing to be in contact and grow, teach and experience so many amazing women who want to impact the world for the better. We come together to actually do something about what is going on. We play, we learn, we share, we save the ocean and all with a strong warrior spirit of change. I love it and I love the Barnacle Babes community for all it is bringing to the word. Thank you for being here and thank you for giving me a home to play and be welcomed into.”

    Saoirse Wang
    Coach, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Barnacle Babe

Recent Stories

Follow Barnacle Babes and some of our community bloggers as they share their stories with us of travel, connection with the ocean and their passions.

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